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Bio-Kleen - Amazing Plus


BIO-KLEEN AMAZING PLUS is an all-purpose cleaner fortified with Sodium Hypochlorite (refined bleach) for your boat, RV, auto, home and garage. Specially formulated for deep cleaning of vinyl, leather, interiors, exteriors, and a multitude of surfaces. Lifts dirt and stains, removes mold and mildew from marine vinyl and helps keep it from returning with regular use of BIO-KLEEN AMAZING CLEANER. Breaks down and removes insect debris, pine tree sap, and mold on boats, RVs, automobiles, and more. Cleans and removes chalk residue and mold from rubber RV roofs. Excellent all-purpose cleaner for any cleaning application: degreasing tools and garage; all non-porous surfaces, counters, floors, stove tops, tile, grout, refrigerators, walls, grills, and more. Follow cleaning vinyl, leather, and rubber with an application of BIO-KLEEN AMAZING ARMOR for added shine and UV protection.