PowerQuest, Past and Present

Originally going by the name of Powerplay back in the 80's when it all started, PowerQuest Boats has enjoyed a history few companies can only dream of. With a loyal ownership fan base, PowerQuest is one of the most sought after brands on the market. If you don't believe it, just try and find one for sale. Most used PowerQuest's have committed buyers before they even hit the market.

During the original 20 or so year run, the company started with a simple 18 foot boat that swamped the competition. As years went on, additional models were added all the way up to 38 feet and finally 2 sport cruisers were added finishing the line up.

But PowerQuest never wanted to be the biggest manufacturer, just the very best they could be in their own way. Designed and built on the shores of Lake Michigan, all the models were subjected to some of the most demanding water on the planet and arguably some of the strongest boats ever to hit the water. But strength is only one aspect, every model has a common characteristic, and that is space. Whether it be storage, cockpits or cabins, every PowerQuest quite easily has the most interior space to offer.

All the big water testing also produced a huge side benefit, Speed! Regardless of the size, every PowerQuest is capable of not only rough water but out running most of the competition in comparable size classes with the same power.

Throughout their history, PowerQuest has always been focused on giving the customer the absolute best in every aspect. This includes price. The entire line up has always had a leg up on the competition when it comes to dollar value. Pound for pound, the best bang for your buck!

So yes, PowerQuest did shut down for almost 15 years, but they are back and just as strong as ever. With the first boat produced, a 380 Avenger, this boat was brought to Lake of The Ozarks Shootout virtually untested where it won the manufacturers class! Back in 2000, this same model won the Powerboat Magazine award for Best Offshore Performance Boat of the Year. Two decades later, it's still winning!

But bringing a winning boat back is much harder than it sounds. With time and new technology, design changes were expected to be a major part of PowerQuest's return to production. The new owner of PowerQuest Boats spent nearly a year reviewing every detail and design change, before the first boat was started. Even during production, changes were made throughout the build to be assured that everything was as good as it could get. Why have such attention to detail? Simple, all these improvements are going to be incorporated into every PowerQuest boat in the future line up.

Just about every aspect of the 380 was improved. Most of the improvements are beneath the skin with the physical structure. Starting with state-of-the-art materials and resins, a layup process that is a work of art all to itself, it's safe to say this new generation of PowerQuest is the strongest ever to hit the water. But that's not to say there aren't some very noticeable items to the naked eye. The improved engine hatch design, fly by wire controls, fiberglass inner liners in the cabin, glass and gauge combo dashboard and additional hidden storage compartments make this the most refined and user friendly sport boat on the market.

What makes a PowerQuest truly special? Their owners! Every manufacturer has a certain following but there is something different with PowerQuest owners. It doesn't matter if you have an 18 or a 38 footer, PowerQuest owners see each other as equals. Packs, groups, cults or clicks might work for other manufacturers, but with a PowerQuest you're all part of the same family!

How did PowerQuest Boats pick Voyage Marine & Storage to be the first dealer in the country? Call it fate or possibly by chance, the owners of VMS have owned their PowerQuest for over 20 years. VMS was making a run at the Lake Ozark Shootout to help promote business when a friend of PowerQuest Boats happened to notice them on the course. Once back at the dock, the owners of VMS were approached by him and within a short 10 minute conversation, a call was made to the new owner of PowerQuest. This 45 minute call led to a meeting which eventually led to the dealership agreement between PQ and VMS.

Voyage Marine had all the missing pieces PowerQuest was looking for. A marina at the largest venue for performance boats in the country, central location, Master Certified Mercrusier Technicians, extreme knowledge of the product line, a facility that would be exclusive to the brand and owners that not only believe in the product but who actually own one themselves. From the manufacturers perspective, this was a match perfect to promote the future of the product and could not be passed up.

Since that point, PowerQuest has been shown at several boats shows, events, news and magazine articles. In addition, the team at VMS has started an annual PowerQuest Owners Fun Run at Lake of the Ozarks and brings PQ owners to the lake from no less than 5 different states. Most recently, VMS took a new 380 PQ to OPA Lake Race at Lake Ozark and was the official pace boat to start the races throughout the day.

Continuing to work hard on promoting the return of PowerQuest, the future for PQ and VMS is bright as ever. Maybe it's time for you to come see the future and get yourself into the next generation PowerQuest, offered by Voyage Marine & Storage.