An MTI-V 50 center console is one of several models MTI will have on the Miami Beach Convention Center floor and in the water at Haulover Marine Center during the Miami International Boat Show next month. Photo by Tom Leigh copyright Tommy Gun Images.

Countdown To Miami Boat Show 2022: MTI Going With Indoor Display And Haulover Demos

Written by Matt Trulio

Most high-performance powerboat builders don't love Sea Isle Marina and Yachting Center for giving demo rides to potential customers during the Miami International Boat Show, which is scheduled for February 16-20. Long idles to open water, ripping tides and currents and tight quarters/congestion make it less than efficient for the demo-ride process.

But with the show returning to its original Miami Beach Convention Center venue next month, the in-water portion of the event is coming back to its former Sea Isle Marina location.

High-performance center console and catamaran builder MTI has its own in-water action-plan for the show. While the Wentzville, Mo., company will display models inside the convention center, it will offer demo rides out of Haulover Marine Center in North Miami-where it already offers a white-glove concierge service for its owners.

"We plan to have two 390X catamarans, a V 42 center console and a V 50 center console in the convention center," said Taylor Scism, the company's client relations manager. "We also plan to have a V 42, a V 50 and a 390X in the water at Haulover."

According to Scism, the company also plans to display in the Florida Powerboat Club Miami Boat Show Poker exhibit the following weekend at Gilbert's Resort and Tiki Bar in Key Largo.

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