Mark Waddington and Brett Manire have created a unique powerboat dealership with Performance Boat Center-and not they're not done yet.

In The Lead Video Series Flashback: Brett Manire And Mark Waddington Of Performance Boat Center

By: Matt Trulio

From its on-property restaurants, pools and entertainment venues to its national and world-championship-winning offshore racing teams, there has never been a multi-brand, full-service dealership like Performance Boat Center of Osage Beach, Mo. In 2013, business partners Brett Manire and Mark Waddington began developing a quiet cove at Mile Marker 21 with a run-down marina into a less-quiet cove with a world-class marina-and they're nowhere near done building their vision yet.

Along the way, they teamed up with Doug Wright Designs to create what began as Wright Performance catamarans and is now Performance Powerboats. The Florida-based outfit provided the finished and assembled hulls and decks, Performance Boat Center did the rest as in interior installation, paint work and rigging.

In short, they created their own brand while leading the country in sales in new and pre-owned models from Cigarette Racing Team and Sunsation Boats. (And more recently, as in earlier this year, they look on the Velocity Powerboats line.)

On the social side, Manire and Waddington created annual events for their customers including Performance Boat Center's Spring Fun Run, Cigarette Owners Rendezvous, Outboard Only Fun Run, Lake of the Ozarks Shootout Thursday Night Welcome Celebration (Performance Boat Center is the Shootout's title sponsor) and Fall Fun Run.

Quite simply, it's been an amazing ride for the two longtime friends from Iowa-and it's far from over as they continue to expand operations in South Florida, take on new powerboat lines and more.

Want to get to know them a little better? Watch the video.